28 And A Half Wishes by Denise Grover Swank

28 And A Half Wishes by  Denise Grover Swank is the first book in a Mystery series based around the main character Rose Gardener.

Rose Gardner is a 24 year old virgin, who has been bossed around by her mother all her Image result for bucketlist gifslife oh and just one small other twist she has visions. After experiencing a disturbing vision of her death, she composes a bucket list of items such as “Play in the rain” and ‘Do more with a Man’ so she sets out to accomplish them before it’s too late. Following a fight with her mother, Roses mother shows up dead and unfortunately Rose is the top suspect with the police and the nosy townspeople of Henryetta but Rose thinks that her mother was murdered when it should have been her. Other complications including, a sexy neighbour who seems to be leading a mysterious double life, a locked chest in her mother’s closet, and a new dog make for an unusual mystery.

It was at times downright cringey especially with phrases like  “crappy doodles.” But if you can overlook that is overall an enjoyable read.

I have to say I really enjoyed this book, It was the first mystery book I have read in a long time the romantic moments in it made it that much more enjoyable and a slightly easier read against a somewhat upsetting backdrop. However despite giving it 5 stars on Goodreads I would argue that having had time to reflect on it I would probably give it a 4/5 star rating.

It had a good story line but I felt there was some weak plotting at times and I was still left with some questions that were unanswered by the time we reached the ending but overall I enjoyed the book. And despite some small flaws in the story telling you will find yourself rooting for the female lead.

Image result for what? how did that happen? gifsIt was nice to see a 20 some-thing year old girl, discovering her identity as she faces everything life throws at her. Some very unrealistic issues were thrown in which kind of ruined the story a bit for me and made it slightly less relatable.

Yet Roses embarrassment around her list and her reactions to new experiences are very relatable and something every girl can relate too. (Like when people caught you doodling, writing your name with your crush’s last name) This made the book quite entertaining.

**Spoiler Alert**

I am not sure the way in which the concept of the gang was dealt with correctly and I do not believe rose would have escaped as easily as she did or know how to use a gun right of the bat.



However if you have been looking for a new series to sink your teeth into, this is not a bad shout. I am about halfway through the second book ’29 And a Half Reasons’ and while its not amazing, its not bad either. (However Denise I have a lot of questions for you regarding book 2 in this series.)

**Spoiler Alert well kinda**

Why does Rose not just try and bring on a vision when she thinks that her boyfriend may be with Hillary? and I am still confused about Hillary’s character and her history with Joe.


This title is a great book to relax with in the evenings and it does keep you guessing. It is not very predictable which is nice, as I get bored with books, shows and movies that are too predictable.

**Also a great side note this book is free on the iBook store at the minute and the second book is just €2.99**


Happy Reading 🙂


Nicole x :*


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