Body Positivity: Whatever your size <3

People are far to body conscious these days obsessed with achieve the perfect body or a beach body.

Don’t get me wrong I am not going to preach about how I love my body and you should too, because, well I don’t love my body. I should but I don’t. And it hurts more than you ever think its going too.

I have been called fat since I started developing womanly curves at 12/13 and moved into a size 8. I remember I moved to a 10 at age 14, I was in a sweet shop with my friends and someone said you should watch what you are eating and I said naively ‘ I am just naturally skinny’ and then everyone laughed at me.

I think that is the first time I truly felt unhappy with my body, and its funny because now I would give anything to back to the days I was a size 10 or even 12.

My name is Nicole and I have an unhealthy relationship with food, I have tried starving myself and now I comfort eat. I am ashamed to say that I have tried to hurt my body in so many different ways.

But I want to learn to love my body because I would not be where I am today without it. It survived a car accident, has helped me through some of roughest days with my chiari and my epilepsy. So I  should love it for everything it has gotten me through.

My boyfriend loves it but yet I don’t, that is not right.

So I have done some thinking and reading and have come up with some tips on how to learn to love your body whatever your size, some I tried before some I have not but I am going to love my body.

So because I am going on Holiday next month and I have an amazing swimsuit I am dying to wear, I am going to throw myself into loving my body so I am confident in my beach body in 4 weeks time.

So lets get this confidence party underway;

Related imageYour Body is your Friend/ Not your enemy

Your body is your friend and you should treat it as one, you would never deliberately hurt a friend so why are you hurting your body. By squeezing into clothes too small or by hurting your body by starving it or over feeding it. Learn to listen to your body like you would listen to a friend, if your body doesn’t react well to dairy, don’t eat dairy. If sugar makes your face break out limit your sugar intake. And for godsake if you need the bigger size get the bigger size. You will feel better, your body won’t hurt and therefore you will be more confident.

Image result for I am scared and afraid gifsYou can’t feel fat

What I mean by this is, fat is not an emotion. So next time you feel ‘fat’ ask yourself  how you are really feeling dobhtful? sick? By figuring out how you are really feeling you will stop associating the word fat as a negative emotion and therefore won’t look at it as such a negative word.

By address what you are feeling and trying to work through it instead of avoiding it you can also stop any unhealthy relationship you may have. (Like when I get upset instead of dealing with it I eat, or I don’t eat.)

Related imageCelebrate the fat on your body Celebrate the fat on your body, everyone wants Beyonce’s booty or Christina Hendrick’s breasts and do you know what? they are made of fat that is just sculpted or structured. So embrace the fat on your body that you do love.

Related image

Put the scales away Stop obsessing over your weight if you ar working out and doing any kind of weights you might notice your clothes getting looser but the scales might tell you that you are heavier. Don’t obsess over your weight.

You Choose How You See Yourself

How we see ourselves is a choice. When we view ourselves negatively and think and speak badly of ourselves, we see those things when we look in mirror standing back at us.

Negatively comparing ourselves to others whether it be celebrities or our best friends, comparing yourself to others is the worst thing you can possibly do.We waste so much valuable time and energy comparing ourselves to others , when we could be investing all that time and energy in to valuable positive words and views of ourselves , that will  builds us up instead of tearing us down.

Related imageYour Body Works For You, So Work For It
Your body has enabled you to accomplish some amazing things in life. Your body has given you the gift of using it to achieve things for yourself ,to just be you.

Your body houses all of your thoughts and emotions, these things are the things that make you unique next to everyone else on this earth.

You and your body are a team so you need to treat it well, feed it right, and make sure its healthy so it can you get through life. So give yourself down time because stress can in fact make you gain weight. Treat your body right and you will learn to love it because you will feel good.

Don’t Waste Your Time

Related image Sitting around wishing that you could change the body you have, is a complete waste of time and of wishes. You have a perfectly good body that has served you well already.

When you look in the mirror you should be looking at the amazing body that has carried you around you whole life and if you want to change a few things here or there that is okay. But make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. To feel healthier, because you want to be fitter and run a marathon or because you are having fertility problems and want to have a better chance of conceiving.

Don’t do it to be skinny, or get hotter or sexier.

You are hot and sexy, you just have to believe it.

‘Being Beautiful is a decision that you make’ – Fancy Feast

I recently watched an amazing TedX talk on Body Image and I think everyone should take a look at it no matter your size it will open your eyes. So take a look here.

Just Remember Fat and Skinny are not negative or positive words they are descriptors and the sooner you learn that the better, And I think the above Link might help! :*

If you want to see similar posts to this or something different leave a comment or get in touch! 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Body Positivity: Whatever your size <3

  1. Such a great post. Learning to love yourself is really, really hard. The one thing I think of when going away is that everyone is doing their own thing so you should strut your stuff in you new swimwear and not worry about what people think because you might be wasting precious moments of your time worrying about them when they actually haven’t looked at you, or judged you!


  2. A very interesting read and a heard warming story. Enjoy your holiday Nicole and hope all goes well.
    Love to read more so keep up the good work.
    All my best mark x


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