8 Things You Should NEVER Tolerate from your Housemate(s)

Living with people who are not your family or your other half is not for the faint hearted, sometimes it works great and sometimes it all goes wrong. Lets be real we have all been there. With a few thousand more college student embarking on their college journey, several of them will be moving away … More 8 Things You Should NEVER Tolerate from your Housemate(s)

Finding Self-Worth

People in this world have 3 big fears that hold them back from getting so much more from their life, those things are; The unknown (like death) What others think of them Failing In the last week I have realised all of the above are things that I fear sometimes so much so, that they … More Finding Self-Worth

What A Week 😓😪

Well what a week it’s been. I was preliminarily diagnosed with epilepsy and started treatment. I have to admit it was a rough few days following that hospital appointment. I was started on lamictal and had an allergic reaction to the medication, was violently ill and developed a skin rash. My toungue started to swell … More What A Week 😓😪